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Profile Page


User profile page stores basic information about your profile and provides access to account management features such as updating your details, preferences, and email notifications, as well as managing your workspaces and emails.

To access your profile page and perform any of the aforementioned actions, click on your user name at the top of the left sidebar. Various editing options are also present, such as the ability to change your password, edit your profile, or deactivate your account.

Change profile/background picture

Profile or background picture can be changed on the profile page by clicking on the profile porthole, and then selecting either profile or background tab.

Edit profile

You can edit your profile by pressing the Edit button located in the upper right corner of the profile page allowing you to change your first and last name.

Change password

To change your password, click the Change password button positioned in the upper right corner of the profile page. You will need to provide your old password as a verification step before setting a new one.

Password requirements

Password must be 8-20 character long and must contain at least one lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number and special character!

Profile deactivation

Account deactivation can be initiated by clicking on the deactivate account button located in the upper right corner of the profile page. Current password will be required in order to complete the deactivation.

Can i recover my account after deactivation?

Yes, you can recover your account anytime by initiating the account recovery process. Your existing data such as your profile, workspace, applications, logs and settings will be restored entirely.

User task email notification

There is a checkbox for setting user task email notifications on or off. By ticking the checkbox, you will set an option to receive an email notification on every user task assignment. This means that every time an application is running and comes to the point that your action is needed to complete a task to, an email will be sent in order to notify you.

Change language

Dirigent currently supports Serbian and English lanugages. Languages can be changed by selecting the desired langugage from the profile page under the language part. The language change is instant, and requires no refreshing of the browser.


Here you can manage all email addresses you want associated with your Dirigent account. Email addresses specified here can be used to receive email notification about various things in Dirigent. There are couple of actions you can take working with your email addresses in Dirigent.

Add new email

A new email address can be added to your account by clicking the + New email button. A screen will appear with an input field allowing you to enter a new email address and add it to your account.

Email notifications will only be sent to the default email address.

Delete email

If you wish to remove an email address from your account, you can do so by marking the email address in question by ticking the checkbox located on the left side of the email address. Once checked, the delete button will become clickable.

About email address - account relation

There has to be at least one email address associated with an account. The email address cannot be deleted if its the only email associated with the account or if its designated as a default.

Edit email

Email address can be edited if needed by either clicking on the edit button if its the only address, or by first checking the checkbox on the email address we want to edit, and then clicking the edit button. Once clicked, an input will show up asking you to input a new email address.


Dirigent workspace is designed to provide better organization of business process automation and enable easier collaboration between your team members. Similar to having a folder structure with sub-folders where the work is organized, workspace enables you to customize it to suit your specific needs. Each workspace is an independent space for team members to work on, including specific projects, applications, business processes, and documents that relate to a specific topic.

All workspaces are mutually independent and user can switch between them in order to see and work with content that is created within them. User can be an owner of at least one, while being a member of a wide range of workspaces, depending on a number of received invitations. In addition, user can create as many workspaces as needed in order to optimize the business requirements.

Create a workspace

To create a new workspace, click on the + New workspace button. Once clicked, a modal will appear prompting you to give your new workspace a name and optionally a description.

Change workspace

You can change a workspace only if you are a member of more than one workspace. To do so, click on the workspace name located beneath the profile name in the left sidebar and select from one from the list.

Set a default worksace

To designate in which workspace you will land, you need to specify your default workspace by checking the rounded checkbox located in the Deafult column. Default workspace will be opened every time you access Dirigent.

Edit a workspace

To edit a workspace, click on the Edit workspace button. Once clicked, a modal will appear prompting you to edit the information you want.

Delete a workspace

To delete a workspace, click on the Delete workspace button. Once clicked, a modal will appear prompting you to confirm your choice in case you clicked the delete button in acciden.

Restrictions on deleting workspaces

Workspace can be deleted only by the workspace owner. Default workspaces cannot be deleted. If you want to delete a default workspace, you need to designate another workspace as the default one.