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Dataset CRUD


The Dataset CRUD task offers a comprehensive set of operations for managing datasets within your process or application. With this task, you can perform four fundamental operations over dataset entities: create, read, update, and delete, commonly referred to as CRUD operations.

More about actions
  1. CREATE: The create operation allows you to create a new dataset entity. You can define the necessary parameters and configurations for the dataset, such as the name of the dataset, and entity values. This operation enables you to establish new dataset entities within your process.

  2. GET: The read operation enables you to retrieve data from a specific dataset entity. You can specify the dataset you want to read from and retrive information from any entity located in the selected dataset. This operation provides access to the dataset's contents, allowing you to fetch data for further processing or analysis.

  3. UPDATE: The update operation allows you to modify an existing dataset entity. You can make changes to the dataset's structure, properties, or data records. This operation gives you the flexibility to update dataset entities and adapt them to evolving requirements or to incorporate new information into the dataset.

  4. DELETE: The delete operation enables you to remove a dataset entity. This operation deletes the dataset entity and any associated data. It is useful when you no longer need a dataset entity or when it becomes obsolete or redundant.


  • Name - Display name of the task.
  • Dataset - Dataset that will be processed in the task.
  • Entity - Dataset entity that the action will be performed on.
  • Entity values - Variable(s) name and value that will be assigned.
  • Log on compete - Prints the response in the business log.