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Each element within a process diagram represents a specific step or task in the overall process flow. These elements serve as visual representations of the actions or decisions that need to be taken during the process execution.

To define the flow and sequence of the process, connections are used to establish the transitions between elements. These connections are depicted as arrows that originate from the source element and point towards the target element, indicating the direction of the flow.

Dirigent connections are flexible!

Connections offer flexibility in terms of their appearance and routing. By clicking anywhere on a connection, you can introduce a breaking point, which allows you to modify the shape of the connection. Breaking points act as anchor points that enable you to reshape the connection as desired. You have the freedom to add multiple breaking points to create a more intricate and customized connection path.


  • Name - Display name given to the connection.
  • Constraint - A condition that guides the execution of the process.

About constraints

Dirigent currently supports UEL expression language for expressing code constraints. Constraints can be applied to connections to specify conditions or rules that need to be satisfied for the transition to occur. These constraints add an additional layer of control and logic to the process flow, ensuring that the process follows the desired path based on certain criteria.


Let's consider an example where a gateway is used to determine the next step in the process. The gateway has three outgoing connections, and each connection is associated with a constraint. These constraints define the conditions that need to be met for the corresponding connection to be followed.

Connection configuration Let's take a look at our example here. The connections are configured as follows:

Name Constraint
Constraint 1 age < 15
Constraint 2 age == 22
Constraint 3 age >= 20

The flow of the process depends on the type of both gateways. If we assume that process is determined by the part of the process that preceedes the gateway, the value of the "age" variable is 22, the process will progress in the following way:

Gateway type Result Tasks executed
Paralel (AND) The workflow goes in all outgoing connections Log 1, 2, 3
Exclusive (XOR) The workflow goes in the first connection that evaluates to true Log 2
Inclusive (OR) The workflow goes in all connections where condition is fulfilled Log 2, 3