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A pool is a graphical representation of a participant in a collaboration, which helps to visualize the flow of the process. While not strictly necessary for a process to function, it can aid in understanding and communicating the process.

A pool is composed of one or more lanes, each of which represents a specific area of responsibility for users, groups, or functional parts of the process. Lanes can be added, renamed, and customized as needed to suit the requirements of the process.

You do not need to draw a pool for the main process participant

It's worth noting that a pool for the main process participant is typically implicit, so there's no need to draw it explicitly. This can be helpful when creating a simple diagram or if you don't need to show specific responsibilities using lanes.


  • Name - The display name of the task.
  • Add lane:
    • Actor type - Can be either Users or Groups.
    • Actor - Display name of the lane.


Connection configuration