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The report task is a versatile component that allows you to generate reports based on input data files. With this task, you can transform raw data into well-formatted reports that can be easily shared or consumed by users and systems.

To use the report task, you provide an input file containing the necessary data for generating the report. This input file can be in various formats, such as CSV, Excel, JSON, or any other supported data format. The report task parses and processes the data from the input file according to a predefined report template or configuration.


  • Name - The display name of the task.
  • Input file - File can be csv, excel, JSON format
  • Output file name - Specifies the desired name for the generated report file.
  • Folder - Indicates the folder location where the generated report file should be stored.
  • Convert to PDF/XHTML/XLS/XLSX - Determines the desired output format for the generated report file.
  • Report data source - Specifies the data source or input for populating the report.
  • Add variable mapping - Allows for the mapping of variables to be included in the report for dynamic data presentation.
  • Log on complete - Prints the response in the case log.
  • Reponse - Represents the response generated by the Report Task.