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The Confluence Integration Task enables the creation or updating of pages and comments within a Confluence instance. This task relies on the Confluence connector to establish a connection with the Confluence server and perform the required operations. To utilize this task effectively, ensure that the Confluence connector is configured correctly and has the necessary permissions to access the target Confluence instance.


  • Connector - Previously made Confluence Web Service Integration.
  • Type:
    • PAGE - Perform selected action on a page.
    • COMMENT - Perform selected action on a comment.
  • Action:
    • CREATE - Creates the selected type.
    • UPDATE - Updates the selected type.
  • Page title - Title of the page to create/update or comment on.
  • Space key - Unique identifier that forms part of the URL for that space.
  • Body - Body of the comment of page.

Confluence integration currently does not support cloud JIRA!